Sunday, January 15, 2012


Loco moco, a Hawaiian favorite. I am neither Hawaiian nor have I ever been to Hawaii, I just read about it and then found a recipe online.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Fun" at lunch

This was how I spent my lunch "hour" yesterday. I'm fine and so is the car, but it was still not exactly a fun experience.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never leggo my LEGO

An acquaintance on Facebook posted a link to BrickLink in a comment to one of my many status updates. I say "acquaintance" because no friend would post such a thing, not in a reply to someone like me. An enemy sure would - maybe I have my very first frenemy. I love LEGO, I have always loved LEGO, and my kids have inherited my love of LEGO, so that site is potential Kryptonite to my household budget. Take a gander at the vintage space sets, for instance. Looking back at the sets from 1979, either I was very good that year or the Sears catalog had one heck of a sale on the entire collection, because I remember building and playing with most of them. In fact, a whole lot of the space sets from 1979-1982 are pretty familiar. I distinctly remember that my very first "grown up kid" LEGO set was the space shuttle, and I built and rebuilt the Alpha-1 Rocket Base many times. But I had forgotten about many of the others, the mobile tracking station and mobile rocket launcher, the X1 patrol craft, space cruiser, cosmic cruiser and several others. I suddenly remembered them all and resisted the immediate urge to purchase them to reconnect with my childhood.

Which is in itself odd, because I still have them. I just don't know where they are exactly. I have somewhere between 80-90% of my childhood toys packed away in storage. LEGO, Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, Hotwheels, who knows what else. A big emphasis on "who knows." I was a very careful and conscientious child, careful not to lose a single piece or gun or whatever if I could help it. No, not obsessive compulsive... well, maybe a smidge OCD. When I moved out after college, I took it all with me. Unlike a lot of young adults, I didn't come home to find my things had been brought down to the dump 5 minutes the day after I moved into a dorm. Most likely because everyone knew that I'd leave and never return if that happened (I left and never returned anyways, so whatever). So I have a good portion of those LEGO sets still... somewhere. I am not one of those extreme hoarders you see on TV, I swear! Well, maybe a smidge of that, too.